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Génépi Olivier Imbert

Genepi farmer since 1993

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Because the mountain offers other wonderful gifts, I suggest you discover them in different preparations to taste.
jars of jam Olivier Imbert


sachet sprigs of genepi Olivier Imbert

Genepi strands

The genepi  recognizable by its silver leaves and yellow flowers. Appreciated for centuries and transformed into a liqor for its medicinal virtues and its captivating aroma, gènepi is used for its digestive and soothing properties. The génepi embodies the magic and wealth of the Alps.

Hyssop sprigs Olivier Imbert

Hyssop sprigs

Hyssop, with its narrow leaves and purple flowers, is known for its antiseptic, expectorant and digestive properties. It relieves sore throats and respiratory problems, it enhances Mediterranean dishes.


bag of Olivier Imbert savory sprigs

Sprigs of Savory

Savory, with its small oval leaves and white or pink flowers, is a Mediterranean aromatic plant with multiple virtues. Known for its antiseptic, digestive and tonic properties, it has been used since Antiquity for medicinal and culinary purposes.


pot of genepi confit Olivier Imbert

Genepi confit

Genepi confit is eaten like jam: as a toast for breakfast, as a snack, as an accompaniment to cheese, ... It is also diluted in hot water like an infusion.

pots of wild thyme hyssop mint confit Olivier Imbert

The other confits

Wild Serpolet, Hyssop and Mint Hyssop confits are eaten like jams: on toast for breakfast, as a snack, as an accompaniment to cheeses, ... All are also diluted in hot water like an infusion.

jars of gratte-cul jam Olivier Imbert

"Gratte-cul" Jam

Wild rose, also called "Gratte-cul" because of the scratching hair it contains, the fruit of the rose hip, gives a sweet jam with a subtle scent. Available in 250g  400g 750g.


pot of wild rose jam Olivier Imbert

Rosehip jam

Wild rose, the fruit of the rose hip, is harvested in the fall; these small fruits are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Transformed into jam, they reveal their subtly fragrant flavor.

Available in 250g  400g 750g.

Olivier Imbert genepi infusion sachet

Genepi infusion

Genepi can also be drunk as a herbal tea !

Appreciated for its medicinal properties, it is used as an infusion for its digestive and soothing properties.

40g bag

sachet infusions of hyssop, wild thyme, savory, mint Olivier Imbert

Other infusions

A whole choice of infusions based on mountain herbs grown and collected in their natural environment.

Each having their medicinal virtues.

40g or 50g sachets depending on variety.

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Find all my other products on sale at the Jausiers Country Products House and on their website

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