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Génépi Olivier Imbert

Genepi farmer since 1993

100% Organic Genepi Strands

Olivier Imbert in his genepi field
Olivier IMBERT, grower of Génépi (Artemisia Muttelina) since 1993.
Cultivated between the altitude of 1800m and 2000m in the commune of Saint Paul sur Ubaye in the Alpes de Haute Provence.
You are a professional in genepi processing
a genepi plant Artemisa Muttelina Olivier Imbert

Cultivated in the high mountains within its natural habitat.

All the wild scents preserved.

Wholesale available

Special packaging for professional producers of liqor syrups, and other products.


For individuals, there is the possibility to purchase sachets online or at the Jausiers country products store.

ECOCERT certified

French production, harvests certified ORGANIC by ECOCERT

Respectful agriculture

Cultivation in the natural environment of Génépi.

Managed with respect for the biotope.

Olivier Imbert picking glantine

Génépi from the Southern Alps - Specialty of the Ubaye Valley !

In the Ubaye valley, the Génépi embodies the very essence of the Alps. A symbol of tradition and wild beauty, this aromatic plant has been cherished by locals for generations.

Génépi is thus much more than a simple plant.

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