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Génépi Olivier Imbert

Genepi farmer since 1993

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The little story

Descendant of a family from the Ubaye valley, I set up in 1993 as a farmer and cultivator of Génépi in Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye. Coming from this high mountain commune in the Alpes de Haute Provence, I grew up in harmony with the surrounding nature.

The choice to devote myself to the cultivation of Génépi was born from my love for this emblematic plant of the mountains. Despite the challenges posed by the often harsh climatic conditions and the altitude, my determination allowed me to persevere on this path.

Over the years, I have acquired valuable expertise in the cultivation of Génépi, and my harvests have become renowned for their quality. Guided by a deep respect for the environment, I have always made sure to cultivate responsibly, thus preserving the richness of my terroir.

Genepi olivier imbert plant
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Le Génépi  in the history of the Alps

Over the centuries, Génépi has woven a rich and fascinating history in the heart of the Alps. Used since Antiquity for its medicinal virtues, this aromatic plant has been appreciated for its digestive, soothing and even aphrodisiac properties. The people of the mountains gathered it with respect, understanding its value both medicinally and culturally.

During the Middle Ages, Génépi gained popularity as a key ingredient in traditional medicine, but also in the manufacture of artisanal liqors. The monks of the Alpine monasteries contributed to its diffusion, cultivating and distilling the plant to make elixirs renowned for its deep roots.

For centuries, Génépi has remained anchored in local traditions, symbolizing the identity of mountain communities. Its harvest, often difficult due to extreme climatic conditions and steep terrain, has been perpetuated from generation to generation, making Génépi a true treasure of the Alps.

Over time, its fame has spread beyond the borders of the Alpine valleys, attracting the attention of spirits lovers and connoisseurs of regional products. Today, Génépi continues to fascinate and inspire, keeping the centuries-old history of the Alps alive through its captivating aroma and cultural heritage.

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